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Agape Boarding School former student Danny speaks out

July 26, 2013

I’m finally swallowing my pride and starting to call back and speak to staff. I was too ashamed to admit that your predictions how I’d do when I got home were right and that I wasn’t ready to leave Agape Boarding School. As far as drugs & alcohol go I’ve pretty much stayed away from all that despite that fact that the majority of my friends are completely involved it but with time I’m slowly distance myself from them. But other than that I’ve started going to church again and have been trying to work on a lot of things to be the Christian I should be.   Yes Agape Boarding School isn’t a fun summer camp but it can help you tremendously if you take what it has to offer.   I know I’ve got a long way to go to becoming the Christian I should be but if you ever have a parent who’d like to hear about Agape from a former student I’d be happy to talk them. Parents really make such a difference. My parents should of NEVER taken me home when they did, and I can honestly say if my mom never told me when I was going home & bad mouthed about the school to me I know I would of done so much better in the program. So many of the rules make sense now looking back on it. Well please let everyone know I said hi & I’ll be calling soon. My cell # is 9545521847 an email is if yourself or parents ever want any feedback.


Agape Boarding School visited by Certified Education Planner (Educational Consultant) Steve Bozak

July 26, 2013

Agape Boys Boarding School, Stockton Missouri,  July 2013, this Christian school for boys 12 to 18 is not what it used to be 3 years ago, or even 3 months ago!   I haven’t visited Agape for a couple of years.  So what happened? Improvements, in every direction! The first thing noticeable is in the cafeteria.  The boys are chatting together normally in subdue voices, smiling, and eating, all very normal or I should say better than normal, in the past the boys where silent except for the few kids getting disciplined at anytime. Now these kids where happily behaving themselves all during the meal.


The boys where all dressed well in uniforms, clean cut, and well kept. Also l saw the kids smiling and interacting with each other. In the past I didn’t see much interaction among the kids. And the atmosphere was very strictly controlled.  Now it seems like a very normal school setting, but I know most of these boys came here because of some academic or behavioral need.


This school has plenty of structure. Day and night the boys are well supervised.  Set times to study, sleep, eat and play.  Plenty of choices of things to do fun things, but they have to choose something. Both recreational choices and service choices, the kids can hardly choose to do nothing at all. There is something for everyone to enjoy as they get back on track with academics and behavior.


This school is on a working ranch. They have horses and many other exotic animals. I suppose you can say they have a full functioning zoo. The students help out on the ranch, but the main activity is their school work and study as well as learning improved behavior and better decision making.  The buildings are well kept and I saw a few new building going up. 


Many of the teachers and staff live on campus. Staff houses are scattered around the campus, so the staff are available often through out the day and night if needed. 


Agape has improved greatly, the school seems to have gained sophistication over the past years in helping boys get back on track. It’s still a bargain price for a boarding school that helps these kids very sincerely.




February 11, 2013

agape boarding school reviews

“Agape Boarding School is a place where God is!  Many lives have been changed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God’s people here at Agape Boarding School”

It was good to have Evangelist Otis Duhart with us.  The boys always enjoy hearing him speak.  Otis has an amazing story.  He played college football for Florida state.  His senior year he planned to graduate and go into pro football; however, God had  a different plan.  Otis was injured his senior year and did not advance into pro ball.  Soon after, Otis found the Lord and got saved.  He began to grow as a Christian and the Lord called him into full time evangelism.  He now travels the United States preaching the gospel message.  He comes to Agape twice a year, one of those times is for Football Camp week!

We look forward to his next visit at Agape Boarding School!

Evangelist Otis Duhart

I Timothy 2:4

Agape Boarding School Student Testimony

February 9, 2013

Growing up it was just me, my brother, and my dad.  I haven’t seen or talked to my mom since I was six.  When I was about twelve or thirteen, I was really depressed seeing all my friends with both a  mom and a dad so I turned to drugs.  When I went to high school I thought it was fun but it really wasn’t.  On August 8, 2011, I was sent to Agape Boarding School and immediately knew I needed to change.  On August 11, 2011, during breakfast, Brother Kuntz talked to me about the Lord and led me to Christ.  Now I know that drugs aren’t the answer to your problems, the Lord is the answer to life’s problems.  Now I’m on the right track and getting my life together.  I’m joining the Marines in April.


– Austin Porter

A letter to Agape Boarding School

December 20, 2012

Dear Agape Staff,


I would like to thank you for watching over me and taking care of me for the year I was at Agape Boarding School.  Of course, God was behind it all but he chose you as the staff to guide me to the right direction. Before I was sent to Agape Boarding School, I was a troubled teen. I was doing horrible in school. I had as low as 0.67 GPA in school, because I was ditching class to satisfy my drug habits. I became so lost in my sin, and so far away from God, I didn’t care about my life or anyone else. I was sent to agape soon after because my parents cared about me and knew I was a better person than that. The first couple of weeks I arrived at Agape Boarding School I was confused and  dislike my parents for what they had done. It was very wrong of me to do so. After being there a while longer, I decided to change myself for the better and I asked God for forgiveness and strength. After my year at Agape Boarding School, I was able to keep my strong faith in God. I’m thankful what God has done in my life and that I’m still alive. I’m currently attending community college and finishing up my general education, so that I can transfer to a university by the end of next year. I thank you so much for helping Brother Clemensen and Ma’am run the school.   Brother Clemensen and Ma’am, thank you for opening Agape Boarding School and giving troubled kids like I was, another chance. Without God’s help and Agape I wouldn’t be here right now. I hope you and your families are doing great. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year. God bless you all.




Agape Boarding School saved my son’s life

December 18, 2012

I sent my son to Agape Boarding School over 10 years ago and the program saved his life.  Although no one wants to make this difficult decision, if you need to send your son somewhere, this is the place!  Sometimes family therapy is not enough because they are still in the same environment that nurtured their rebellion in the first place!-Vern

Agape Boarding School is a wonderful place to save your son’s life

December 17, 2012

Agape Boarding School is a wonderful place to save your son’s life.  They have amazing facilities, continual activities, first rate school and staff that give their lives to help save a boys.  They monitor the students 24/7 in a positive and structural enviornment.  They teach the boys trades and give them a top notch education.  If you are looking for help for your son, check out their website and give them a call, you will not regret it.-Former Parent